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"Listen girl.. I’m gonna be honest with you, on a scale of 1-10 you are a SOLID 2..BUT I’M DRUNK." - DailyGrace (Grace Helbig)

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Bahaha. So I was watching the CTFxC live show on Younow. And I asked Alli and Charles if they met DG..cause well you know..they’re my favorite youtubers and they were both there and if they met eachother..I DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU. Anyways. She was like "Yes we did meet DailyGrace and she’s so nice.." etc. AND THEN. Someone was doing something really weird with noises..well they were making a dolphin noise but I had to freaking idea what was going on so i said “what the bloody hell” and Charles started laughing at my comment. Dudes. I just felt noticed. And it was nice. If you haven’t noticed..the little things make me happy. Don’t judge me. That is all. Hastalaveesties, hombres.

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I’m really enjoying these MDCLive shows.  

They’re quite nifty.
This will be the highlight of my days.
You guys pass up food. AND I LOVE FOOD.
Anyways. Great show again, mydamnchannel..and Grace!

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So..I’m sitting here..and I was trying to figure out what was my first Dailygrace video because..I’m having an argument with myself about what it was..no i’m not. I’m lying to you. But I’m having such a hard time remembering. I don’t even know why I’m doing this, it may be because I’m allergic to the sun and hate going outside, or because I have no life I’m really really bored. And I think the one where she hazed strawburry17 was the first one. Or it was “My ass is a b*tch.” Cause I remember watching that one a long time ago..

This is just completely pointless. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST DG video?!

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Little Dough Peeps.  

I’m making those things tonight. Because I was watching the video today..and I can’t stop thinking about peeps. I DON’T EVEN LIKE PEEPS.. that much. Unfortunately..I don’t have any money on me right now, so I’m going to use these old peeps that we had from like Christmas that I found..yeaauhpp.. it’s happening.

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Le sigh. The one where I kinda fail at making little dough peeps.

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I saw the extra video, and had to make this.

I saw the extra video, and had to make this.

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Did you know yelling “you’ve been hazed” isn’t socially accepted? Wearing the #youvebeenhazed shirt from @districtlines today. #dailygrace (Taken with instagram)

Did you know yelling “you’ve been hazed” isn’t socially accepted? Wearing the #youvebeenhazed shirt from @districtlines today. #dailygrace (Taken with instagram)

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HAPPY 4 YEARS YOU F*CK. jk. You’re awesome. That is all. bye.

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ADD Thought #3? I LOST COUNT. 

Finally finished this damn book report that was due Friday. Woops. This is definitely not the time to mess around. Now that I’m done with this..I should probably start doing my laundry cause I have no clean uniform pants. I mean who needs to wear pants anyway. Imagine if no one wore pants. That’d be pretty disgusting now that I think about it because not everyone looks good without pants. Not that I look at people without pants..THIS IS GETTING AWKWARD. How was yalls Monday? It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! CHICKEN TENDER TUESDAY. Daily Grace comments on your comments.. and I’ve yet to get hazed. Motherfu—. 


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Please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks that DailyGrace on youtube is the least funny person that still gets millions of views. 

^grace is fucking hilarious.

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